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One person, over time, can turn a life around

Welcome to the Circle of Friends Mentorship Gallery

mentorship galleryPlease check out our mentorship videos and mentorship gallery – We hope they capture our story and touch you enough to compel you to consider helping the most vulnerable children.

Please read more below…

*TIP:  If you are having difficulties viewing the mentorship gallery movies, it could be the speed of internet. Press play then press pause to allow the video to “que”. Once you see the line at the bottom of the video at about three quarters press play again.

Please help the Children

Sisters – Circle of Friends – Duncan Campbell from Zion Pictures on Vimeo.

The mission of Circle of Friends is to provide the most vulnerable children a loving, caring, nurturing, and sustained relationship with an adult role-model who teaches positive values and has attainable expectations for each child in order that they will become healthy, productive members of the community.

Our mentorship gallery is designed to highlight our program for the children and perhaps give you a perspective on the life of a mentor and how easy it is to be part of our mentorship.

Our mentorship gallery hopes you’ll see how making a positive difference to the life of a vulnerable child or young person is an amazing feeling, but here’s more great reasons to mentor:

  • you’ll make new friends and have unforgettable experiences,
  • you’ll receive full and ongoing training, and could gain accreditation which might help your future career,
  • you’ll be supported by regular meetings with your volunteer coordinator,
  • training costs – $0
  • time with a child can cost – $0 | it’s up to you

Mentoring can easily be arranged to fit in with your other commitments, such as work, studying or family as we try to outline in our mentorship gallery.

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