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One person, over time, can turn a life around


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You can support Circle of Friends simply by shopping at, ( We will earn 0.5% of everything you purchase!

How easy is that!?!?  Next time you make a purchase, use the link above to access and your purchase will automatically benefit the children in our program!  Please share with your friends and family!

More ways to help…

Volunteer to be a mentor and/or share your talents with the children at Circle of Friends. One person over time can turn a child’s life around.

Contact Circle of Friends today
PO Box 1718
Sisters Oregon 97559

Upon receipt of your donation, Circle of Friends will send an acknowledgement thank you letter to you via mail, which may be used for income tax purposes.

We are an approved 501C3 non profit organization.

Yes! I would like to Donate (click here)

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