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Guest Posts

Tips when writing your GUEST POSTS:

Guest PostsTitle of Your Guest Posts:

Title tags are arguably the most important of the on-page factors for search engine optimization (“SEO”). Post titles should be catchy, pithy, and short-and-sweet; whereas title tags should incorporate synonyms and alternate phrases to capture additional search visibility. Your keyword or key phrase should be in the title.

Content of Your Guest Posts:

Think about your #1 fan persona. Pick a highly relevant keyword or key phrase to what you are writing. No rambling – Instead, have a focused content strategy in place first, know which keyword or key phrase you are targeting, have a persona in mind, and outline your posts. Write for PEOPLE.

Try to have at least 300 words in your content with the keyword or key phrase scattered though out the content of your guest posts.

Review your content for vague references to your main keyword/topic—“this, it, that, they, etc.”—and replace it with your keyword or key phrase. As long as it sounds natural, this adding relevant keywords will improve both your SEO and the quality of your writing.

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