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One person, over time, can turn a life around

Our Promise

Our Promise – We make six promises to every child we serve:


Our Promise #1 : Long– Term Commitment
From Kindergarten to high school graduation no matter what.

Our Promise #2 : Trained Volunteers
All Friends are volunteers who have finished background checks, classes and monthly trainings.

Our Promise #3 : Positive Expectations
Our children will succeed. Because we believe in them, they will grow to  believe in themselves.

Our Promise #4 : Manageable Numbers
Each Friend works with no more than one child, spending at least 3-4 hours a week with the child.

Our Promise #5 : Experience= Opportunities
A world of opportunity has been hidden from these children. We help them discover it.

Our Promise #6 : Evaluation
We make a real and measurable difference in every child’s life. Each of our promises is individually important. Taken together, they represent a comprehensive and integrated approach, which includes professional evaluations of our work.

Every Sisters child and parent should know: the work we began is a promise from Circle of Friends to you. It is our promise to you the child:

  • a promise to believe in you;
  • a promise to give every child the hope for a bright future –  bright with unlimited potential;
  • a promise to respect the family;
  • a promise that we stand ready to do everything we can to ensure you can concentrate on what’s really important: being a kid.

Our work is ongoing and we continue to strive for better. Each of us, under a committed leadership remain committed to building this program, coordinating our efforts, and addressing barriers that stand in the way of any child’s ability to reach their highest aspirations.


As you are visiting our website, you are probably already making a contribution in your home, school and community, and we thank you for your dedication to making Sisters Oregon a better place for our children.

Like you, Circle of Friends needs help to continue our work to help the children. The smallest contributions makes a big difference. Circle of Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax deductible donations may be made payable to Circle of Friends and sent to:

Circle of Friends
220 SW Pine Suite 109
PO Box 1718
Sisters, Oregon 97759


Or you may go to our Donation page and make a contribution.

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