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One person, over time, can turn a life around

Supporting Our Community

The generosity of our community through volunteering and donations has allowed us to impact the lives of 24 children this year – children like Sam…

Four years ago, Sam was identified in kindergarten as at-risk because of his life situation and lack of readiness for school (through no fault of his own!). Even at his young age, teachers knew that he would struggle in school and be less likely to complete high school and gain the skills required for a successful life.   Sam needed support. He needed Circle of Friends.

Circle of Friends matched him with a pair of adult “Friends” who have been by his side ever since. They have spent one-on-one time on a regular basis in the outdoors, at Homework Club and other activities to support school success, and in new opportunities that help expand Sam’s participation in the community. With the encouragement of his Friends, Sam is involved in the Healthy Lifestyles program (learning to grow and prepare food), has joined with other Circle of Friends children to write and publicly perform a song with a nationally known artist, and last summer attended a week-long wilderness camp.

Earlier this fall, Sam’s mentors became unable to continue their relationship with him. Sam was sad to say good-bye to them, but because Circle of Friends supports each child until they graduate from high school, Sam was quickly matched with a new Friend and is very happily moving forward.   The first sign of a successful new match was that at the end of Sam’s first meeting with his new Friend, the Friend asked if he would like to meet again. Sam’s response…”could we meet again tomorrow after school?”

Sam continues to be challenged in school and will certainly face more obstacles in his life, but Circle of Friends will be there to provide direct support to him at least until he graduates from high school. Because of this, he will have a much greater chance of graduating, much less chance of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system, a stronger sense of who he is and what he is capable of and a sense of belonging to the community in which he lives.

That’s our plan for Sam!!!

We wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to you for providing us the ability to support Sam and all of the children in our care.

With your help, we look forward to supporting our community in the coming year!!!

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