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One person, over time, can turn a life around

Our Valued Sponsors

Circle of Friends is appreciative of our sponsors – the Individuals, Foundations and Business’ that have shown financial support. We are honored to recognize these businesses, individuals, and government agencies as valued sponsors of our child mentor program. This program for, mentoring at-risk children, would never be possible without the generosity of our valued sponsors. Every donation large & small is very important in making our mission of helping at-risk children a success. Please be sure to patronize our sponsors’ businesses and thank them for their contributions to our great mission. If you would like to become a valued partner | sponsor with Circle of Friends, please visit our Contact Us page to learn more.

Thank you to our sponsors


Silver Family Foundation
The Campbell Foundation
The Nara Fund
Trust Management Services, LLC
The Oregon Community Foundation


Bank of the Cascades
Bratton Property Management
Brownawell, Darrell and Marilyn
City of Sisters
Collins, Robert and Valerie
Cornuelle, Briar and Ditto
Episcopal Church of the Transformation
Fisher, Mike and Sue
Johnson, Jeff and Katherine
Lanfri, Cristy
Longfield, Craig and Susan
Metabolic Maintenance Products
Rognlien, Bruce and Marleen
Ward, Jody
Wehrle, Gary and Eileen
Wieden, Dan and Priscilla
Woodell, Robert and Mary Anne


Atkins, Leonard and Karen
Brody, Clark and Barbara
Campbell, Jeff and Ellina
Greer, Cindy
Griffin, Marna
Howells, Dick and Bonnie
Hoyt, Chuck
Johnston, Darlene
Longfield, John
Newport, Chuck and Debbie
Reppenhagen, Frank and Sarah
The Open Door
Sisters Kiwanis Community Service Foundation
Westside Church


Carter, Bill and Gayle
Cole, Jennifer
Gabrielson, Carolyn
Grady, Kay
Helser, Richard and Kathie
Jones, Jeff
McGowan, Jack and Jan
Schneider, Paul and Carla
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Sheppard, Keith and Greta
Silvey, Virginia
Spezza, Paul and Sidney
Western Title and Escrow
Wilson, Susan
Zosel, Carol


Amsberry, Stephen and Kristi
Bullis, Catherine
Birnbaum, Wendy
Calkin, Melinda
Campbell, Duncan and Cindy
Davis, Brad
Dawson, Sheri
Depp, Rose Marie
Fouts, Dan and Jeri
Gass, Greg
Graves, Mimi
Griffin, Peyton
Guthrie, Frank
Halcon, Beverly
Hamlik, John and Kristi
Holder Olson, Mary Kay
Holdman, Robyn
Kelm, Laura and Eric
Magaret, Nancy
Manning, Marla
Marsh, Matthew and Shelley
Morgan, Lee and Mary
Morrell, Verena
Neff, Kent
Nygard, Glenn
Peterson, Jan
Peterson, Martha
Piper, Steve and Pat
Power, Joan
Roberts, Ron and Joann
Reents, Paula
Rheuben, Dr. Thomas
Sandine, Kenton
Scheidegger, Alan and Marti Ayers
Serkownek, Ken
Shaver, Janet
Smith, Richard
Stockton, Donna
Sullivan, David and Lynda Jo
Tisdel, Brad and Tiffany
Upshaw, Jim and Joan
Weitzman, Stewart and Verle
Williamson, Mae
Wilson, Joel and Deborah Sather
Wustenberg, Mark and Judy


Adamson, Martha
Anttila, William and JoAnne
Baldwin, Frank and Janice
Barnes, Deborah
Bertagna, Sharri
Chandler, Yvette
Cooper, Diane
Cusick, Patricia
Depuy, John
Dunn, Dena
Ellison, Nora
Frutos, Damon
Graham, Adrienne
Grindle, Crosby, Jr. and Victoria Lee
Hatfield, Kim
Hedrick, Donald
Isberg, Karen
Jones, Edith
Jordan, Marean
Kellogg, Susan
Kinley, Jeannie
Lawhun, Gerald and Janet
Lipscomb, Paul and Donna
Lyda, Stacey
MacDonald, William
McCormick, Jim and Barbara
McHugh, Leslie
Marshall, Marlene
Norman, Patricia
Pepin, Suzanne
Pozovich, Gregory
Pyke, Steve and Mary
Reed, Elizabeth Ann
Rietmann, Rand and Marcia
Ryder, Maureen
Sewall, Cathy
Shaull, William and Susan
Storlie, Diane
Swisher, Steve and Novella
Toliver, Mary
Wineman, Marilyn
Wood, Ellen
Yoder, Gary and Katy

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